Celebrities Dressed in Corset

Fashion is an ever-changing dynamic. New trends replace old ones and old ones get recreated every day. A style of any century is accepted by fashion critics if it is pulled off in the right way. One such retro craze that is back in vogue again is the corset.

The tradition of manufacturing and wearing corsets began in the mid-nineteenth century during the reign of Queen Victoria. Advertising campaigns in Britain and the USA further popularized the fad making it a part of the attire of different classes of women. This tight, restrictive item of clothing reflected on the societal expectations from women of that period as they were supposed to view life as strict, orthodox, and rigid like the corset itself. The body-hugging lingerie style garment also served the ulterior purpose of reducing women’s waist sizes, often to numbers that were harmful to their health.

The age-old trend made its way back into the fashion market when designer Vivienne Westwood reinvented the corset in the 1970s. She previsioned the conventional corsets by flattening them out and raising the bosom, thus adding an innovative touch of glamor and power. Today corsets are loved and adorned by celebs for their gender appeal and the way they complement every body type. Further, the unique style flatters the waistline giving it a curvy and hourglass shape. Now let us look at some of the most famous corset dresses worn by women in the fashion world that left endless jaws dropping and countless cameras flashing.

Michelle Rodriguez
The model/ actress is well known for her admirable sense in glamour and fashion. In her appearance in 71st Cannes Film festival in France, she showed the world how to carry a corset. She looked stunning in a revealing black gown featuring a sheer corset top. The semi-transparent corset accentuated her torso and bone structure making her look like real royalty. The black straps and black panels that covered her breasts added extra oomph to the outfit making her stand out in the crowd. Michelle’s sheer skirt with the show of her slender legs along with the exclusive diamond and emerald necklace beautified the ensemble.

Blake Lively
Be it her Gossip girl days or her stream of romcoms, Blake Lively has always made heads turn her way with her great eye for designs. She didn’t let down the expectations of her fans as she walked into the 2018 Met Gala, looking like a regal queen in her ornamented maroon corset gown by ‘Versace’. The shocking 600 days it took to put the whole thing together was worth it after all as the marvelous dress blended perfectly with that year’s theme of ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination’.

The glittering gold and maroon jewel-encrusted corset top hugged her slender waist and added a push-up effect to her boobs making her look breathtakingly elegant. The gown with its Game of Thrones vibes turned out to be such a crowd-pleaser because of the classy craftsmanship and the detailed and intricate beading. The massively long train of the dress with its sparkling panels and delicate embroidery and the handcrafted spiked headpiece made Blake look like a true angel sent from heaven.

Kim Kardashian
Fashion diva Kim Kardashian looked lovely in a hot sheer white corset dress by the world-famous Italian designer brand ‘Dolce and Gabbana’. The fashionista pulled off her signature sheer and attractive look at the Crystal Gardenia fragrance launch in 2017. She skipped jewelry and accessories to ensure that her outfit took center stage.

She went braless with the tight corset enhancing her curvy figure making her look bold and beautiful. The translucent dress had a latex outlook which on close examination somewhat resembled a bridal gown.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence is acclaimed nationwide for her excellent acting skills. Now the actress is making statements with her developed fashion adventures too. Jennifer sported a wonderful corset gown by Ralph and Russo to the Filmfare Awards 2018. The well designed translucent black corset bodice that highlighted her petite frame and the interesting details on it made onlookers’ heart skip a beat.

The billowing train attached to the gown made her a true endorser of high fashion. The actress let her dress do all the talking with her minimalistic accessories. She paired her red carpet look with hair tied in a messy bun, hot smokey eyes, sculpted cheekbones, and bare lipstick.

Kendall Jenner
Kendall is one of the highest-paid supermodels surely knows how to dress to impress. She takes style along wherever she goes to, be it to brunch or the airport. Kendall’s red corset over a plaid ‘Louis Vuitton’ dress that she wore for the Paris Fashion week in 2017 made her look mod and chic.

She layered the corset over a trench coat style jacket and a thigh-high slit checked skirt. Who knew a corset belt could be worn over a coat inspired skirt/dress! She completed the look with eye-catching bare and snakeskin boots and her favorite oversized hoop earrings.

Kendall Jenner
The corset is an evergreen trend that looks good on all kinds of women of all age groups. This may not have to be a fashion necessity of the young and famous only. Common people and even men can wear a timeless trend with a little research on how and when to wear it.

Many designer companies are coming up with new innovations of a corset. Today there are corset-themed jumpsuits, tops, bodysuits, bralettes, and dresses. Be it a cocktail party with some eagle rare, food and friends, or a casual lunch date, there is a corset costume for every occasion. It is time you upgraded your wardrobe with a few corset ensembles.

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