Fashion Jewelry Plans Moving This Season

In the ever-evolving scenario of fashion, jewelry style is very personal and unique. However, certain jewelry designs leave their mark upon the people from time to time and become the signature design of that era. From the necklace with ‘summer 2019’ written all over it to hundreds of trends bubbling up on Instagram, there has been various trending jewelry fashion that gives you a solid accessorizing choice, as well as helps you maintain an up-to-date gorgeous appeal. We picked out a collection of the recent fashion jewelry designs trends which feature the top shopping picks for every budget:

1. Diving into the ocean kingdom
Starting as a street style in the early summer, jewelry made from seashells and pearls gives a very refreshing and effortless look. The sartorial elegant designs of seashells and pearls have now been adopted for making bracelets, earrings, hair clips, and necklaces, as a trend established by Gigi Hadid in 2019. Pearls, especially baroque are back in trend, with their charm to fit with almost any hue and shade. The seashells and pearls are being embedded in gold to bring out their majestic beauty. You can mix and match them with anklets and different rings with pearls as well, to bring out a holistic summer look that is evergreen.

2. Crafty unique alternative trends
Have you ever thought of a fashion jewelry design that goes with your beach look as well as with casuals? Unique alternative jewelry trends have crept in 2019 with an erratic but attractive mix and match of beads and wood. These designs enjoy a flavor of high artistry and also bring a jejune pairing to high-end jewelry. Handwoven brass jewelry has also taken a step ahead in the trending fashion jewelry designs with the rustic and flamboyant look they present. Wooden beaded bracelets can be clubbed with traditional to enhance the grandeur.

3. Getting abstract in your jewelry sense
Till now, it was considered that abstract jewellery only caters to a certain niche. With about 21% increase in the demand of abstracts, it is safe to remark that they reached the recent fashion jewellery trends in March, according to fashion experts. From wired art pieces as earrings to flat turquoise and oxidized hues getting prominence, abstract jewellery is now expanding its horizons as women are entrusting them with designer and glamorous party outfits.

4. Interlocks and tangled strings
Tangled, thick jewellery is now a major fashion jewellery trend to be adorned with dresses and formals. Referred to as ‘Chain Necklace’, their interlocking design is now used for bracelets, earrings, and even engagement rings to give out a strong vibe with the perfect composition of jewellery aesthetics. You can wear the thinner chained jewellery to casual outings and to office. Also, there are solid thick chains available which can be easily sported with gorgeous traditional and Indian ethnic couture to enhance their luxurious appeal.

5. Heavy hoops
Hoops are one design of jewelry that will never go out of style. Every year, they are brought to the market with fresh tweaks and they are equally effective. This year, the timeless vogue is getting bulkier to make its fashion statement and become a trending jewelry style. The regular hoops have been enlarged to stand out in gaudy make-up and therefore make the best accessories with heavy attire. There are different patterns available with cuts and engravings, but mostly, heavy hoops can be found in earring styling. The added volume attracts instant attention and can be worn with casuals as well as with western dresses. Chuck all your other jewelry pieces and just add one heavy hoop with a chic dress and get a graceful poise.

6. Ethnic fashion jewelry
No matter what year it is, ethnic fashion jewellery is always trending in India, with all the festive occasions and big fat weddings. Right from earrings to necklaces, they reflect class and elegance with a subtle tonality of grandeur, with detailed designs and extravagant engravings. Laced with heavy stones and expensive pearls, you can get your own customized ethnic jewelry with unique design palettes and structures. The golden hues attract maximum attention in every function and complete your look, every time you adorn a gorgeous traditional ethnic couture.

7. Antique coin pattern
From necklaces to earrings, the classic coin pattern is a major jewelry fashion trend of 2019. You can easily get gold engraved coin-shaped jewelry that is unique and exuberant. They can be simply worn with a casual knee-length dress or with formal blazers to keep a classic statement. You can have your coins embellished with diamonds and other jewels to add to their grandeur and even pull them off in lavish parties. This coin pattern has a very royal touch to it, so it complements the traditional ethnic couture which is already glazing in rich embroidery.

8. Back to the skies
Celestial jewelry keeps rising to be a fashion jewelry trend like clockwork. It is again that season when celestial jewelry has made its mark in our hearts and we are seeing it all around us. From birthday presents to give a token of love, celestial jewelry is all over the market. Miniatures of stars, moon, zodiac signs, and constellations are available in gold, silver, and platinum. Also, diamond-studded star earrings, bracelets, and pendants can be easily spotted. These elegant pieces of jewelry have a subtle connotation of poise and can be brought in regular use. If you are going out with only one piece of ornament, celestial jewelry can be your go-to, for any occasion.

These are the top trending fashion jewelry styles on the internet which have been constantly adorned by celebrities, ushering in a wave of fandom for these accessories. You can follow our fashion jewelry tips to stay up-to-date in ornamenting your appearance and mix and match styles to give a fresh vibe to your personality. Let your jewels speak for you, by following the recent fashion jewelry designs trends of 2019.

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