Motives for Girls Obsession with Black

There is pink, there is sapphire, there is green, but then there is black – the color that rules over all the colors. Black makes you look tall, black makes you look attractive, and black makes you look sassy. The best thing about this powerful color is that it always remains in style. So, whether you want to dress chic for an evening gala, gothic for prom, rock inspired for an event or like a princess – Black will never ever disappoint you. With a black attire, a single stroke of kohl and gloss is all what you need to create oh-so-pretty look that make guys go weak in their knees. There are umpteen reasons why girls are madly in love with the color black, here we’ve listed few of them:

#1 When In Doubt, Wear Black LBD
Believe it or not, but girls often turn to the quintessential LBD, when they have nothing to wear or when they’re in doubt what to wear, because black is the only color that will always rescue them most of the times. LBDs are versatile and can never go wrong be it a casual summer day or an exciting date. They are elegant, timeless and look oh-so-pretty on all body types.

#2 Team Up With Anything
With a black outfit, you don’t need to mix and match your accessories. From anything to everything, you can team up with your black outfit. So, simply browse your locker of knick knacks and pair them your black outfit.

#3 Black Can Be Worn By Anyone
No matter, whether your skin complexion is fair, white, dark or dusky, the color black suits all skin tones. Even on hot summer days when you look tanned or extra pale, you can wear black confidently without worrying about anything.

#4 Flatters Your Figure
Black is one such versatile color that makes you look tall, slim, attractive and elegant at the same time. So, if you want to up your style game a notch higher, you know the color to go for.

#5 Perfect Color For Formals Too
Getting after for an office meeting? Confused about what to wear? Go for black without a second thought. Black is considered to be an ideal formal hue.

If you also know some other reasons why girls are addicted to the color black, let us know in the comments below.

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